Having a website instantly increase your available market or customer base, search engine optimisation or SEO helps to get your website ranking highly by search engines such as Google. This is known as organic search (unpaid for) listings.

When Google delivers search results they are based on a scan of the world wide web, its complicated secret algorithm basically looks at the copy on your website, at the back development end of your site as well as links from other relevant links back to you web site.


Google ranks how competitive keywords are from 0.01 – 1. The lower the score = less companies competing for those particular keywords, the higher and closer to 1 (a very competitive keyword would be ranked 0.90 – 1) would mean more companies are competing for those particular keywords. The higher the competition usually relates to how good the keyword actually is.

We know the processes of on and off page optimisation to drive more traffic to your site. We can work with you to understand who your competitors are both on and offline and then implement a plan of action to increase your organic ranking on the top of or the first page on the Google search engine.


  • Key phrase research – what are you selling, what do people search for and who are your competitors
  • On and off page optimisation
  • Citations and on-line directories
  • By having an understanding of this you can focus your content writing to drive more traffic to your website and be more competitive.